A survey of how companies deal with incidents today, and a peek into the best practices of the future.
Getting the timing of platform teams right, funding them, and the platform team mindset
Caching, multi-tenancy, E2E tests, and database cutovers. Issue 1.
A framework for hiring an EM at a tech company, and an overview of how Big Tech does it
The best time to prepare for promotions is well before they are due. Advice to get ready, and a reality check on how promotions work.
A survey of how tech projects run across the industry highlights Scrum being absent from Big Tech. Why is this, and are there takeaways others should t…
Bay Area compensation ceilings moving up, Big Tech responding swiftly to the heated market, and out-of-cycle raises happening already
We are in the most heated tech hiring market of all time. Here’s what you need to do and what companies do which are still growing.
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