All of the newsletter articles published in the first year of the publication, grouped by topic.
A deep dive into how Khan Academy took a 1 million-line Python monolith and split it into ~40 Go services in a more than 3 year-long project.
Aggressive performance reviews, tech companies committing to protecting jobs, an increase of solo mobile developers, and more.
What the Staff+ role is, expectations and the rewarding and frustrating parts of the job. By former principal engineer Nicky Wrightson.
The tech giant unexpectedly announced a 6% reduction in its workforce. Why did this happen, which areas are impacted, and why is Apple unlikely to…
Code freeze trends across industries, when to mandate a code freeze – and when not, and alternatives to code freezes.
Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce and Goldman Sachs all announced mass layoffs. What do these events suggest about the outlook for the tech industry?
What salary increases are software engineers getting across the tech industry, and are there any notable trends? 100 data points, analyzed.
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