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Aggressive performance reviews, tech companies committing to protecting jobs, an increase of solo mobile developers, and more.
The tech giant unexpectedly announced a 6% reduction in its workforce. Why did this happen, which areas are impacted, and why is Apple unlikely to…
Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce and Goldman Sachs all announced mass layoffs. What do these events suggest about the outlook for the tech industry?
While most of the tech world was on holiday, CircleCI suffered a major security breach, and Twitter had an outage. Also: hiring freezes and layoffs, and…
Insights from 30+ engineering managers, directors, CTOs and founders about what’s happening on the job market.
Dozens of tech companies have staff return to the office. Also: Uncertainty and anxiety at Amazon and Google; budget cuts at Spotify.
Four tech recruiters share what they see on the tech hiring market.
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