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Also: Amazon’s job cuts deepen; pay transparency changes in the US; and the answer on why Dollar Shave Club was down for 8 days straight.
Also: Amazon doubling down on RTO. And is ChatGPT causing panic within Big Tech?
The bank serving half of all VC-funded startups in the US and UK collapsed more or less overnight. How did it play out, and what is the impact of this…
Uber has operated its own data centers for 9 years. What challenges did the company face, and why is it considering moving to the Cloud? Part 2.
Performance reviews stricter this year, equity refreshers cut back at Instacart, and Google cutting back in decades-old investment areas.
Also: a historic pushback on RTO at Amazon, Big Tech job-switching stats, and more.
The first-ever documentary about the story of React has premiered on YouTube. I sat down with the movie’s creator, Ida Lærke, for a behind-the-scenes…
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