Resources for Engineering Managers and Software Engineers

A checklist for engineering managers, business case for a platform team, project lead expectations, performance reviews and others

Below are documents and templates that hundreds of engineering managers and engineers have used with success at various companies. I'll add new ones to this page, as I come around to the several other templates that served me over the years.

I do not suggest blindly copying any of these documents. Instead, use them as inspiration. They worked for me for my specific situations over the years. Your situation - business context, team structure, team dynamics - will be different, and you’ll want to tailor for this context. If you think they'll help: give it a go, iterate on them, and make them yours!

Consider creating your own “templates” for common situations you come across: and share them with your peers for feedback. This is how I created many of these documents: and I have always been surprised by the quality and quantity of helpful feedback received.

What are other documents, templates, or approaches that you'd find helpful? Please send a message or leave a comment.

For Engineering Man…

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