Very interesting read. I missed an example survey which would be helpful to properly convey the idea. This is the first time I learn about SPACE and it seems pretty abstract after reading the article.

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The more I read about engineering metrics, the less I am interested in practicing any of these. Instead I'd just look at my context and thinking what matters for my org, my engineers, what do I want to accomplish and how can I possible measure it and against which constraints.

2020 - DORA, 2021 - SPACE, 2023 - Something else. To me it looks like that something is off here, as the industry didn't really had a chance to change that much. (we aren't talking about 2000s, 2010s here). If the suggested methods are changing so rapidly, why should we even try applying any of these (considering the org related risks as well).

This is a bit different point of view which is more critical, but I believe it is justified to some extent.

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I think it's important to have a discerning eye when it comes to anything, my interpretation of this is that DevEx isn't necessarily replacing DORA and SPACE but building upon it and refining it. In the terms of software development, it's an iteration. Nicole said as much in response to Gergely's first question.

When you write about what you'd rather do instead of practicing engineering metrics would you ask questions to the people that make up the organisation to understand what matters for them?

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