Follow-Up: the Insane Tech Hiring Market

Bay Area compensation ceilings moving up, Big Tech responding swiftly to the heated market, and out-of-cycle raises happening already

This is a follow-up piece to this week’s article on the insane tech hiring market. These articles are shorter and add additional comments and data points to the original piece.

This brief follow-up is especially relevant for hiring managers in tech and shares more facts and approaches companies are taking to get ahead:

  1. Bay Area compensation ceilings in tech.

  2. Swift responses to the market from Big Tech

  3. Out-of-cycle adjustments are happening

  4. Dotcom Boom differences with the current market

  5. Entry-level expectations have moved up since the Dotcom Boom

  6. How long will this last?

1. Bay Area Compensation Hitting New Highs

Zuhayeer Musa is a cofounder of, a popular site for compensation bands for the highest paying companies in the US. He shared:

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