The Perfect Storm Causing an Insane Tech Hiring Market

We are in the most heated tech hiring market of all time. Here’s what you need to do and what companies do which are still growing.

I have been debating writing about the elephant in the room; hiring in tech and how hot the market is. I’ve talked with dozens of hiring managers across all continents. All say the market is burning hot everywhere. This newsletter issue covers:

  • Observations on what is happening in the tech hiring market, with quotes from hiring managers and job seekers.

  • Root causes as I see them on why the tech market is hotter than ever before, even more so than during the Dotcom Boom.

  • Numbers on what this all means for compensation and demand for senior tech talent pay increases. Many of these numbers are approximations, but they give an idea of where we are.

  • Advice for hiring managers on how to stay afloat. How to retain your staff, and what to do if you want to hire, and also the sensible approaches of companies which keep growing in this environment.

  • Advice for tech workers on how you can use the current situation to your advantage.

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