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Great post. I’m seeing it from both sides. On the hiring front, it’s harder to get people through the funnel. The more steps that you put in there, the more likely they’ll drop out and move on.

On the employee side, this is the time where it’s even more important to focus on retention. Losing a couple key employees may mean that spot may be left open for months.

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Gergely, some feedback on junior developers in the London job market. Although entry-level roles are as hard to find as ever for all the reasons you state, there is significant compression going on in the market for juniors. I am seeing bootcamp grads receiving 50% jumps in salary into their second role after only 6 months as a developer and apprentice developers jumping ship mid-apprenticeship with >100% salary increases. This is new. It is another perverse effect of this insane market and yet another reason why employers might be reluctant to hire out of bootcamps or invest in apprenticeships. It is not enough to be hiring in this pool, engineering managers also need to be very serious about putting support and salary reviews in place for their junior hires, otherwise employers' investment of time and resources will walk out of the door even before it is capable of making a net positive contribution.

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Do you have advice for new grads and how they can get their foot in the door if they didn't have an internship already? What I have seen when I open up a position is 200+ resumes that come in for a new grad position.

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