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Having co-founded a company a while ago, it is like a breath of fresh air to read about successful bootstrapped companies. Thank you for interviewing the founders!

PS: If I am allowed, one small typo in section 6, Friendly Capture, Guido's answer. "Hite kind people..." -> "Hire kind people..."?

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It’s really awesome to expose bootstrapped companies to the public and especially show their “starter stories”. Thank you for doing this.

I’m sure that many feel that they can relate to how bootstrapped companies start (like a side project). VC is much more unrelatable for those who haven’t gone through the process before or aren’t in startup-centric circles.

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We lack access to stories about Bootstrapped Companies and this article of Pragmatic Engineers is great. I hope we see more of it because Choosing Boring Growth is like Choosing Boring Technology.

Please do not include Consultancy Agencies in the future. Consultants are different category than companies offering services as products. Take for example, mobile carriers. Services for access to the mobile network are the products, but there is little-to-no consultancy involved.

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My friends over at https://canny.io/ is also bootstrapped and doing a great job!!

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