Hey Gergely - recent subscriber, now catching up on these articles. Great post that accurately summarizes my own personal experience. One small note - in the "In defense of Scrum" section, you write:

“Kitchen sink teams” occasionally appear in Big Tech, when a product team gets too many responsibilities."

It's been my observation that there are some platform teams even in Big(gish) Tech that will adopt Scrum precisely because they do have a variety of requests thrown at them. For example, some Security and Infra teams come to mind. They service engineering requests from all over the company (eg. create an S3 bucket, associate policies with that bucket, create a new VPC and so on) and hence must adopt Scrum to convey a notion of capacity and priorities.

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"Teams rotated Scrum Master roles"

Isn't that a bad practice?

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Thanks for this! This article resonated with my experience and helped clarify some questions for me.

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