Real World Engineering Challenges

The Threads app was downloaded by more than 100M people on launch week. How did the engineering team build the app, and handle an unexpectedly intense…
A DNS mystery at Adevinta; A failover causing an outage at GitHub; The challenge whether to do a rollback at Reddit; and the difference between public…
The observability provider was down for more than a day in March. What went wrong, how did the engineering team respond, and what can businesses learn…
A deep dive into how Khan Academy took a 1 million-line Python monolith and split it into ~40 Go services in a more than 3 year-long project.
Choosing frameworks, languages and architecture approaches at Trello, Birdie, MetalBear and Motive.
essons on migration projects from Box, Stripe, Pinterest, Doordash, LinkedIn and others.
Resilient payments systems, large-scale data storage with OLTP and OLAP systems, platform team challenges, and more.
What platform engineering is, microservice overload and migrating thousands of workflows.
Circular dependencies in the Roblox outage, being a principal engineer at Amazon, fraud detection utilizing JIRA, and more.
C++ code sharing, accessible colors, migration patterns and selling more milkshakes. Issue 2.
Caching, multi-tenancy, E2E tests, and database cutovers. Issue 1.