Sitemap - 2023 - The Pragmatic Engineer

The Pragmatic Engineer in 2023

The Pulse #74: Adobe Can’t buy Figma: the Impact of this on the Tech Industry

The Pulse #73: Affirm Compensation Packages Made Public

Dead Code, Getting Untangled, and Coupling versus Decoupling

Inside Stripe’s Engineering Culture - Part 1

The Pulse #72: Spotify’s Shock Cuts

Code Freezes: Part 3

The Pulse #71: The Tech Behind Stripe’s Realtime Cyber Monday Dashboard

Holiday Season Gift Ideas for Techies

What is OpenAI, Really?

The Past and Future of Modern Backend Practices

The Pulse #70: A Quiet, Heroic Turnaround at Meta

Inside OpenAI: How does ChatGPT Ship So Quickly?

The Pulse #69: Building a social network is hard

I Wrote a Book on Growing as a Software Engineer

The Pulse #68: AI Regulation is Happening – Fast

Three Cloud Providers, Three Outages: Three Different Responses

The Pulse #67: Okta Schooled on Its Security Practices

The Man Behind the Big Tech Comics

The Pulse #66: When a software engineer is asked to do someting illegal

Stacked Diffs (and why you should know about them)

The Pulse #65: Longer hiring processes for engineering managers?

Building an Observability Startup: Chronosphere

The Pulse #64: Pressure on Commercial Open Source to Make More Money

Lessons from Bootstrapped Companies Founded by Software Engineers

The Pulse #63: Working at a Startup vs in Big Tech

Cloud Development Environment Vendors

The Pulse #62: The End of the Tech IPO Winter

How Big Tech does Quality Assurance (QA)

The Pulse #61: What’s going on at Google Cloud?

How Uber Built its Observability Platform

Building Meta’s Threads App (Real-World Engineering Challenges)

Why are Cloud Development Environments Spiking in Popularity, Now?

Measuring developer productivity? A response to McKinsey, Part 2

The Pulse #60: Tech IPOs are back!

Measuring developer productivity? A response to McKinsey

The Pulse #59: NVIDIA's Massive Growth and the Generative AI Boom

Building a Simple Game

The Pulse #58: Zoom; An RTO Turning Point?

The Machine Learning Toolset

The Pulse #57: Google Shutting down Firebase Dynamic Links

The 2023 Tech Market, as Seen by Hiring Managers

A Day in the Life of a Senior Manager at Amazon

What is a Senior Software Engineer at Scaleups?

How to Sell an Early Stage Startup: Lessons from Akita Software

Interesting Learnings from Outages (Real-World Engineering Challenges #10)

Has the startup bankruptcy wave started? (The Pulse #56)

Software Architect Archetypes

The Scoop #55: Things are picking up at Meta

What is a Senior Software Engineer in Big Tech?

The Scoop #54: Domain Registrars which Developers Recommend

Cloud Development Environments

The Scoop #53: Google Domains to shut down

The State of the Tech Market in 2023

The Scoop #52: AWS’s us-east-1 outage

Inside Agoda’s Private Cloud: Part 2

The Scoop #51: Pinterest’s new levels and reduced compensation bands

Inside Shopify's Leveling Split: Exclusive

The Scoop #50: Why are many Snap employees selling stock ASAP?

Inside Agoda’s Private Cloud: Part 1

The Scoop #49: Should Glassdoor reviews matter for tech companies?

Reorg basics for Engineering Managers and Engineers

The Scoop #48: GitHub’s reliability issues

A new way to measure developer productivity – from the creators of DORA and SPACE

Inside Datadog’s $5M Outage (Real-World Engineering Challenges #9)

The Scoop #47: Datadog’s $65M/year customer mystery solved

Compensation at Publicly Traded Tech Companies

Staying technical as an engineering manager

What is ML Engineering?

The Scoop #46: Uber’s engineering level changes

The productivity impact of AI coding tools

The Scoop #45: The state of startup funding in Q1 2023

The Full Circle on Developer Productivity with Steve Yegge

The Scoop #44: Big Tech’s Struggle to Lay Off in Europe

Inside Figma’s Engineering Culture

The Scoop #43: Is Lyft in Trouble?

“Wartime” vs “Peacetime” at Tech Companies

The Scoop #42: Is there a drop in software engineer job openings, globally?

Inside Sourcegraph’s Engineering Culture: Part 2

The Scoop #41: Meta’s Big Restructuring to Come

Inside Sourcegraph’s Engineering Culture: Part 1

The Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Inside Uber’s move to the Cloud: Part 2

Inside Uber’s move to the Cloud: Part 1

Community Thread: delivering and dealing with unfavorable performance reviews

The Scoop #40: Performance reviews, equity refreshers and cost cutting

Backstage: an Open-Source Developer Portal

The Scoop #39: Changes in the tech job market

Are Tech Companies Aggressively Cutting Back on Vendor Spend?

Behind the Scenes with React.js: the Documentary

Staying Hands-On, as an Engineering Manager or a Tech Lead

The Scoop #38: A Trend of Fewer Middle Managers?

Real-world Engineering Challenges #8: Breaking up a Monolith

The Scoop #37: Emerging trends across the industry

What is a Staff+ Engineer?

Google’s Historic Job Cuts

Code Freezes: Part 2

The Scoop #36: Microsoft’s layoffs and its impact on the industry

Compensation Increases in 2023

Inside Pollen's Transparent Compensation Data

Becoming a Fractional CTO

The Scoop #35: Holiday security breaches and outages

Code Freezes: Part 1